I Am The Voice

It seems you’ve stumbled upon one of my other pages. Or maybe you knew exactly where you were headed. Either way, it doesn’t matter, so I welcome you.

Now, let me introduce myself. For the purpose of this blog, as well as privacy reasons, I will be using my blogging alias Electric Echo. Some reason goes for why I am currently faceless on here. Feel free to refer to me as Echo or even Electric, but I would prefer Echo if you feel the need to shorten my name to anything. Maybe someday I will reveal myself, but I wouldn’t sit around waiting for anything because that could take a long, long time.

My name aside, I should explain why I even blog. This blog started out with the idea of being a mainly college and scholarship focused blog since I am right in the midst of trying to figure all of that complicated, future, majorly detailed, this is your life stuff out. I will do the occasional blog on those topics if I find something interesting on a college or if I win a scholarship and want to share my winning essay.

But that’s not entirely the case anymore. Lately, I’ve moved on to a different kind of helpfulness. The inspirational and motivational kind. I’ve found that letting out my emotions in the form of a blog post not only helps me, but it can help others as well which is something I take pride in. It’s a win-win really. So, that’s what the bulk of my blogs will be about from now on. Complete with a very carefully chosen quote every time.

Before I continue, I just want to say thank you for reading this far because most people don’t even bother to read these biography type pages.

Anyway, maybe some of you are curious about what I’m like as a person. Well, I am young, but I’m not giving away my age at the moment. I consider that too personal, but at least now you have a general idea. I value good, close friends very highly. I have lived in four different states and visited twenty eight. I was a vegetarian for quite a few years, I think five. Maybe I’ll return to that way of life someday. I love music, writing, photography, and travel. I’m not sure what else there is to say about myself, so I guess that about sums it up.

Note: I am willing to take requests for future blog posts, whether is be a topic or a quote you want me to base a post off of. Just throw it at me, but not literally please. I will consider all, but I won’t necessarily use every idea.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, requests, or anything else not mentioned previously that you feel the need to contact me about, you can do so my sending an email to electricecho@hotmail.com.

I am also on Twitter. Just follow @Electric_Echo. Please and thank you. I will usually follow you back, on here and on Twitter, if I like your blog as well.

Again, thank you for reading,
Electric Echo


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