2012 Summer Studio: Culinary (Ai)


There’s a difference between thinking you’re going to like something and knowing that you’ll love it. I am ninety nine percent decided on pursuing a career in culinary arts by going to college for a bachelor’s degree in culinary management. The Art Institute of Colorado’s week-long summer program definitely helped to further cement that decision.

What better way to explore and get a feel for a college than to experience the classes and instructors yourself not to mention the area you’ll possibly be living in? While at Ai, we were given tours of the main campus and The Towers, or the dorms. We didn’t live in the dorms though; we stayed at The Curtis Hotel. We ate breakfast on the second floor of the main campus each morning and then the culinary students took a bus to Ai’s culinary building where we spent most of the day in the kitchen, and one time baking labs.

The chefs who instructed us were very nice and did an excellent job teaching us. They explained and demonstrated the techniques and everything else we needed to know very well. I know I felt comfortable asking questions and I’m pretty sure all of the other students did as well. A couple of the chefs present were actually current students a t Ai and were able to answer any questions we had with a student’s perspective. Our group, according to one of the chefs in charge, was so good that he said that if he had us in training for another six months, he could open a restaurant with us working it.

I had an absolutely amazing time at Ai’s summer program and I am now seriously considering choosing that college. I had an experience I will never forget. I had so much fun learning hands-on every day. I also got to meet some pretty cool people who I plan on keeping in contact with. It was an awesome week!


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